WooPulse is now Oowlify.
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Oowlify is the missing part of your WooCommerce store!

With Oowlify, manage orders, shipping, refunds, customer emails, live and abandoned carts, and more from a modern, extremely fast, user-friendly interface.

Speed up your WooCommerce store by replacing at least 5 plugins with
our all-in-one solution.

What can you do with
WooCommerce Store
Connect with your WooCommerce Store
Seamless Integration: Effortlessly sync Oowlify with your WooCommerce store to centralize control and simplify management.
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Process Your Orders end to end
Process Your Orders end to end
Ultra-Fast Order Management: Navigate through orders with a cutting-edge interface designed for speed and ease.
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Create Discounted Shipping Labels
Create Discounted Shipping Labels
Slash Shipping Costs: Access unbeatable rates from major carriers or bring your own vendor for ultimate flexibility.
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Track Shipment
Track Shipment/ Notify Customers
Real-Time Tracking & Updates: Keep a pulse on shipments and engage customers with automated status notifications.
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 Live Cart details
See Live Cart details, send automated emails on Abandoned Carts
Maximize Conversions: Transform abandoned carts into sales with live tracking and targeted email campaigns.
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Connect with Your WooCommerce Store
Quick and Easy Integration: Click to connect Oowlify with your WooCommerce store instantly.
Order History Sync: Automatically syncs your entire order history, ensuring data is always up-to-date.
Reliable Order Backup: Use Oowlify as a dependable backup for all your WooCommerce order data.
Swift Order Management
User-Friendly Interface: Manage orders with an ultra-fast, modern interface that simplifies every step.
Automatic Order Fetching: New orders are retrieved automatically, keeping your workflow uninterrupted.
Single-Click Detail Access: View comprehensive order details with a single click for efficiency.
Gone are the days of clicking endlessly to access crucial information. Woopulse offers a clear overview of orders, making your decision-making quicker and more informed.
Oowlify-Shipping Labels
Create, Buy, Print Shipping Labels
Streamlined Shipping Process: Buy and print shipping labels for individual or bulk orders directly from Oowlify.
Substantial Carrier Discounts: Save up to 89% on shipping with discounted rates from top carriers.
Effortless Order Tracking: Offer customers peace of mind with one-click tracking for any order.
Live and Abandoned Cart Tracking
Behavioral Insights: Monitor live cart activity to gain valuable insights into customer behavior.
Abandoned Cart Conversion: Implement automated strategies to convert abandoned carts into sales.
Automated Cart Emails: Set rules to send targeted emails for abandoned carts, nudging customers towards purchase.
Inventory, Products, Customer Management—Coming Soon
Full Spectrum Management: Prepare to manage products, inventory, and customers all within Oowlify.
AI-Enhanced Listings: Leverage AI to refine product descriptions and eliminate duplicate entries.
Social Channel Integration: Easily link with social shopping channels to boost sales and product visibility.
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Happy Customers
Read what our beta users have to say
Oowlify would be a lifesaver
- Store Owner Seeking Faster Solutions
With Oowlify, I could potentially cut order management time in half!
- Retailer Frustrated with Current Backend
Oowlify is the missing piece that WooCommerce has needed all these years.
- WooCommerce User, 4+ Years Experience
Q1. Is Oowlify a Plugin for WooCommerce?
A: No, Oowlify is not a plugin. It is a standalone platform that connects to your WooCommerce store to enhance your backend management without the need for multiple plugins.
Q2. How Does Oowlify Improve Order Management?
A: Oowlify provides a modern, fast interface that simplifies the order management process. It allows for automatic synchronization of order history and offers a user-friendly dashboard for managing orders, shipping, and customer communication efficiently.
Q3. Can I Print Shipping Labels Directly from Oowlify?
A: Yes, with Oowlify, you can buy and print discounted shipping labels from major carriers directly through our platform, for individual orders or in bulk.
Q4. What features are included in the Oowlify roadmap for future updates?
A: Our roadmap for Oowlify is extensive and includes the addition of Product, Inventory, and Customer Management features. We are also working on enabling synchronization with social shopping platforms like Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. This will allow you to effortlessly manage product listings across multiple channels, significantly increasing your store's visibility and sales potential. Stay tuned for these exciting updates!
Q5. How Much Does Oowlify Cost?
A: Oowlify is currently free to use as we are in the early stages of launch. We plan to introduce a tiered pricing model based on the number of orders processed each month, with plans starting as low as $9/month.
Q6. Does Oowlify Help with Abandoned Carts?
A: Absolutely. OowLify features live cart tracking and automated email campaigns designed to help convert abandoned carts into completed sales.
Q8. Is Oowlify Easy to Integrate with My Current WooCommerce Store?
A: Yes, Oowlify is designed for easy integration. It only takes a few clicks to connect Oowlify with your WooCommerce store and start streamlining your operations.
Q9. Can I Track Shipments and Notify Customers with Oowlify?
A: Yes, Oowlify allows for real-time tracking of shipments and can send automated notifications to customers at various stages of the delivery process.
Q10. What Kind of Support Does Oowlify Offer?
A: We offer comprehensive support for all Oowlify users. You can reach out to our support team via email, live chat, or through our help center for any assistance you need.
1. What's the cost?
Answer: Our introductory offer is a flat fee of $499 as one-time cost.
2. Are there any recurring costs?
Answer: Yes, we utilize Webflow for creating your landing pages, which costs $14 a month, paid directly to Webflow. Optionally, for setting up the email sequence for interested visitors, we use Plunk with Zapier. While Plunk is free for the first 1000 emails, Zapier Pro costs $19 a month, also paid directly to Zapier. If you already have these accounts, we can reuse them. You only need Zapier if you want to send an automated flow, else all the customer details are captured & are available in WebFlow.
3. What is needed from me?
Answer: Post opting in for the service, you'll receive an email granting access to our CMS platform. Here, we'll request additional information like the name, idea, target audience, desired fields for capture, any brand guidelines, and a few other details.
4. What's your turnaround time?
Answer: Typically less than 7 days.
5. How many pages are included?
Answer: We primarily create one landing page. Optionally, we can add a page showcasing your calendar for immediate booking by prospects post-form submission.
6. Do You Offer Additional Services?
Answer: Yes, we offer a range of additional services to enhance your landing page and user experience, including:
Imagery: Crafting and selecting images that align with your brand and message.
Logo Design: Creating a unique and memorable logo that represents your brand.
A/B Testing: Testing different versions of your landing page to optimize conversion.
Analytics Integration: Setting up analytics to track and analyze your page’s performance.
Email Sequence Funnel: Developing and implementing an email sequence to nurture leads.
UTM Tracker Creation: We can generate unique UTM links for various platforms and sources, enabling you to precisely track where your traffic originates. This service is provided at no additional cost if you opt for Analytics Integration.
These services are available at an additional one-time cost. Simply opt in for these services in the Onboarding form, and we'll get back to you with more details and next steps.
7. Can I do this on my own?
Answer: Absolutely! We're open-sourcing our methods and will soon publish a step-by-step guide. While it does require some practice and skills, if you have access to the right team and skills, you can certainly DIY! Our service is here if you prefer to delegate and focus on your core idea.
8. What if I need customizations?
Answer: Certainly! Update this information in the onboarding form you’ll receive post-payment, and we’ll get back to you. Customizations typically come at an additional cost, charged at a flat rate of $10/hour.
9. Is there a contract or minimum commitment?
Answer: No, there are no contracts or minimum commitments. Our service is charged on a per-project basis with a one-time fee.
10. Can I use my own domain?
Answer: Yes, you can use your own domain. During the onboarding process, we’ll guide you on how to point your domain to the landing page.